Pilates Instruction
Certified by Pilates Method Alliance
Pilates is a full-body system of specific sequenced exercises performed on the mat and specially designed equipment. The method is centered around the concepts of awareness, balance, breath, centering, concentration, control, flowing movement, and precision. 

The principle of Pilates is to uniformly develop the body and mind. At RANGE of MOTION Pilates is taught as originally designed – one-on-one.



Only at Range of Motion
The next generation of Pilates by:

The V2 Max Plus TM Reformer
transcends traditional reformer equipment.


Unparalleled functionality, range of movement with fresh new programming opportunities. This breakthrough synergistic movement across the horizontal and vertical plane. Offers a dramatically increased specificity of line of pull for rope-based carriage exercises and spring based vertical frame exercises.

The V2 Max Plus TM Reformer allows for the very first time. Full range of pull for body postures up to and including standing throw motions. With these enhancements The V2 Max Plus TM Reformer becomes the premier tool for pilates based sport-specific, rehab, cross functional movements training.
The The V2 Max Plus TM Reformer offers breakthrough all-planer and bio mechanics training.

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